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About Us

About READ Solar

READ Solar (Pvt) Ltd. is a company established to provide alternative energy solution and services to Pakistan. The company is geared towards bringing the best quality solar solutions to Pakistan. Not only is READ Solar established to succeed economically, but also bring the benefits of green technology to a country that desperately needs it. The company provides economical, high-quality products and services to its clients that not only improve the environmental quality of the country but also help in resolving the prevalent energy crisis.


READ Solar (Pvt) Ltd. seeks to become a recognized organization that concentrates towards providing credible energy efficiency with its solar products.


Our mission is to provide an impeccable and immediate alternative energy solution for Pakistan. READ Solar aims to provide solar solutions and integrated solutions. READ Solar is dedicated to providing its customers with diversified, innovative solar energy products & services starting from planning, installation to post-sale maintenance. The organization strives towards providing high-quality, integrated & reliable solar energy products to make an efficient transition towards alternative energy.